ponedjeljak, 10. travnja 2017.

Awesome Mix Vol 1

Wow, wow... been bussy lately with some rls, and there was nothing that would catch my eye. Once again i find idea to compile something +++ some friends stuff. Release date?? Well some point in future.)
For now just stare :v

utorak, 21. ožujka 2017.

German Quality Cold As Ice

Here we go babes.) I could make it even better, but i'm short on time and don't want to stretch it out any longer. Soldier-11- Animator.

Download: GodBlessRussia


sasekM: Port, compile, Edits, Cunt, etc, etc.

Schiff: Model Hack, Texture Edits, Awesome Russian.

Twinke Masta: Ak mesh.

Darkstorn/kimono: Models, Texture.

Millenia: Texture.

Dice: Sounds.


srijeda, 15. ožujka 2017.

Wake & Bake

Such a beautiful morning.)) That being said, i'll just read some funny comments on GameBanana and enjoy my coffee 'an stuff.) No new skins to share? Be patient.

nedjelja, 12. ožujka 2017.

Did your brain take a laxative because there is a lot of shit coming out of your mouth.

A new skin, coming soon.


COD Ka-Bar.
Special thanks to Schiff for helping out as always. Stay tuned lads.)

If you have a problem with me, then cry me a river and drown yourself in it. @Emile & Ryukotsuki.

In-Game Screen.)

petak, 10. ožujka 2017.

The problem with closed minded people is their mouth is always open.

The weather here is bad, rainy days & working. Enuff about that xd.)

New day, fresh skin. The best there is atm, have fun shooting. Proper Credits & others in archive.

Link to download:

In-game screenz.)

četvrtak, 23. veljače 2017.

A new p90 skin (Reborn).

I have gotten weirder this year... Let's hope it's for better xd! Have fun shooting this awesome thingy. Proper credits & stuff in archive. Cums with p&w models.